The Friends of Higham Scholarship

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

The Friends Scholarship gives a talented person the opportunity to complete one project with the help of three or more courses at Higham Hall to the value of £1500.

Applications are open to anyone over the age of 16.
Print out an application form – here
Please send your completed application along with some evidence of your previous work to:
Friends of Higham Secretary,
Higham Hall,
Bassenthwaite Lake,
Cockermouth, CA13 9SH.
The closing date for applications is the 1st of September 2017.


Example Projects & Higham Courses
A new piece of music – Music Appreciation, Jazz Composition & Playing Quartets.
A book of new poems – Creative Writing, Illustration & Bookbinding.
A series of portraits – Art History, Life Drawing & Watercolour.
A study into Roman metalworking – The Romans in Cumbria, Geology & Jewellery Making.

Scholarship Award Details
One place on three or more short courses provided by Higham Hall College taken within 12 months, individual tutorial time, accommodation, space to work at Higham or equivalent to the value of around £1500.

Scholarship courses must be taken within 12 months from the date of the first course and the first course must begin in 2018.

On completion of the scholarship, the winner must present their work to an audience at Higham. This presentation can take any form suitable; a talk, concert, exhibition, installation, film premiere, performance etc.

How the Winner is Chosen
An independent selection panel will judge the applications in September.  They will be looking for someone who shows potential and proposes a specific project that could benefit from several Higham courses.

Short-listed applicants will be invited for an interview at Higham by the Selection Panel.

What Happens if you Win
The Principal of Higham, George Cooke, will help you choose which courses make up your award.  Higham Hall produce two brochures of courses each year, one covering April to September and one from October to March.  George will let you know about courses, as yet unpublicised, that might be relevant to your project.

You will have to sign a release form allowing Higham Hall and the Friends to use your image in relevant publicity. You may also be interviewed about your project.

The Friends will pay your course fees directly to Higham.

You will receive all the relevant course details in the same way as any other Higham student.

On completion of the scholarship, you must present your work to an audience at Higham. This presentation can take any form suitable to your project; a talk, concert, exhibition, installation, film premiere, performance etc.

You, not Higham Hall or the Friends, will own your final project.​

Is the scholarship renewable?

No. It is a one-time award and not renewable.

What if I can’t complete all the courses in my scholarship because of illness or another reason?
You will not be obliged to pay for any courses you have already attended. Depending on the circumstances, the Friends committee will decide whether you can complete the scholarship at a later date.

What if one of my courses is cancelled?
An alternative, similar course will be arranged.

The Higham brochure only displays six months of courses. How do I know about what’s available for the full 12 months?
Look at the courses on offer in the current Higham Hall brochure, as similar subjects will be covered in the future. If you win the scholarship, the Principal of Higham will meet you to discuss your award and tell you about courses not yet published.

Can the scholarship be awarded to more than one person?
Yes.  A team of two or more people can apply to complete one project.  The money allocated would still be £1500.

Can teachers apply for the scholarship?
Yes. Anyone over 16 can apply. You can be from any walk of life.

How often is the scholarship awarded?
The Friends intend to award the scholarship every three years. The next chance to apply will be in 2020 for the 2021 Scholarship.

How do I get a Higham bochure of courses?
You can have a brochure posted to you by phoning Higham Hall on 017687 76276 or emailing
You can also download a pdf version of the brochure here

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