Friends of Higham was established in 1993 to support Higham Hall College as a centre of excellence for adult education and lifelong learning.

On the 15th of September 2019 the Friends was dissolved as a Registered Charity having achieved the purpose it was set up for. Over the years the Friends have helped to provide equipment for the building, bursaries for courses, sponsorship for events and special projects, helped enable independence, offered a scholarship and promoted Higham to others.

In the future the Friends of Higham will become an association managed and administered by Higham Hall College Ltd. George Cooke, Higham Principal, will be inviting anyone who is interested to join the new Friends Association.
Keep your eye on the Higham website: www.highamhall.com/friends.


The Friends of Higham Scholarship

Many congratulations go to the 2018 Scholarship winner, Kay Leech.  In November 2018, Kay fulfilled her scholarship and presented her first solo exhibition, ‘Connections’, a series of textile and mixed-media artworks about the story of the Cumbrian landscape.

Pictured left is Kay’s major work, ‘A Journey Through Time’. This six foot high quilt was based on the geological time scale.  It incorporated applique, reverse applique images and free machine quilting.

KAY LEECH CONNECTIONS Exhibition Catalogue


Applications for the 2021 scholarship will be welcomed in early 2020.