News Update March 2018

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Welcome to the March News Update

Our inaugural scholarship winner, Kay Leech, is making fabulous progress in developing her project, ‘Connections’. Kay won the scholarship having proposed a series of ten artworks based on the story of the Cumbrian landscape, making links between geology and art.

Kay is brimming with ideas and has tried all sorts of new textile techniques, filling lots of preparatory sketchbooks. She began Sketching with an iPad, went on to study the Geology of Britain, recreated geological structures in Free-form Crochet and survived The Ice Age and its Aftermath in Lakeland.

Kay’s next course is Circles in Stone with Bruce Bennison, visiting some of Cumbria‚Äôs most important prehistoric monuments.

On Sunday the 11th of November, Kay will be at Higham to present her completed work, which will then go on display for two weeks.

News from Higham

George Cooke and the Higham Trustees are working with an architect to try and improve the accessibility and aesthetics of the Courtyard area. The idea is to create an Art Gallery extension within part of the courtyard and link the Studio to the main building, providing level access to the toilets and Dining Room.

It is very early on in the development process, but we look forward to seeing the plans when they become available.

The Friends AGM ~ 25th of March

Thank you to everyone who has already booked their place at this month’s AGM and to those who have sent their apologies for absence.

I look forward to seeing you at Higham soon, Sally x


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